New Website

On the right hand side of each page you will see some radio buttons radio-buttons


Clicking on these will take you to the different sections within the page

You can also use your mouse to scroll up/down. Just use whichever method you find the easiest.

Note: For tablets and mobiles you will find it easier just to use your finger to scroll up/down,

Thats it really, everything else will work the same as any other website.

If you find something not easy to navigate or use please let us know and we will include it on this page.


The Logo Yep you’re right it’s rubbish, logo donations most welcome





On the bottom of the page you will see follow us buttons for social media. You’ll notice the number of followers is zero, to get this to be accurate I will need access to the facebook login or someone needs to go in and follow these steps and then provide me with the appid and the app secret

2. Provide Marti or whoever is assigned to edit latest news , events etc with a brief guide

3. Work  with Mandie regarding colours , Sections etc and any other changes she may require, Ask what pages Admin needs to edit e.g Latest News , Events and Make sure they are happy.

4. Change contact us email to

5. Ask Marti Is it ok to publish his mobile number regarding Beginners Courses





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